Thursday, November 20, 2008

an article from magic fruit...this is life,.

First thing in the morning is the best time to juice. That's when your body is an empty, willing vessel, ready and waiting to be filled with goodness. Hold off for now on the high octane java that will inevitably find its way inside later in the morning. You're a fresh, innocent flower, so shower yourself with goodness.

Some Juicing recipes make waking up a joy. Shuffle into the kitchen. Take out the juicer. Chop your fruits and vegetables to size. Toss them in. Don't forget to put the cup beneath the spout. This is where you might want to put on the ear plugs - some juicers sound like a 747 about to take flight - and flick the switch. Slowly pour the salubrious concoction into your mouth and feel it trickle down the oesophagus. Allow a minute for the juice to take effect. Miraculously, your cheeks will begin to glow, a smile will appear and you will have a strange, insatiable desire to wash your juicer. Go with this. There's nothing worse than dried pulp at bedtime.

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