A not so Ordinary Love Story  

Thursday, December 4, 2008

.... Let me share to you a not so ordinary love story..,

Dimar is 37 year-old man working as an electrical engineer. He was a married man but now living alone because his ex-wife had another man. But behind that failure in marriage, he became very successful in his career. Dimar never lost his friends and family and they are the reasons why he kept on moving his life., He promised he will never love again just the way he loved before because he don't want to be hurt anymore..,
One night, his friends invited him to go out, relax and have fun after a busy week of working. It was that night his life will start to change.
At the bar he met Sarah, a 21 year-old lady working in that bar. They started a conversation, Dimar told her about his job and his experiences whenever he travels. Sarah was not aware of that because she had never experience travelling. It was 2 in the morning when they decided to leave the bar., they were both drunk and decided to go on a quiet a place...,

...to be continue.

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