the end..  

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It was Friday night when Dimar was about to ask Sarah on a dinner. When he arrived in front of Sarah’s house, He saw a man, much younger than him, speaking with Sarah while holding her hands. He felt so jealous that he just left without a word with her. That young man was Oscar who was asking Sarah to marry him but she refused his proposal. She said that she has already her very special someone. She saw Dimar’s car, she went out of the house but was too late. Dimar drives fast. Sarah run as fast as she could to catch Dimar’s car but she failed.

It was already raining when Sarah decided to go home, feeling confused and wondering why Dimar did not even talk to her before he left. She was sitting near the window, still thinking about Dimar. Then she saw a man standing outside their house, wet and crying under the heavy rain. She went out in the rain to see that man. Yes it was Dimar. She asked him why leaving her without saying anything. He suddenly kissed Sarah (like Romeo who fell in love at first site with Juliet). Sarah felt a magical spark when they were kissing. They were totally in love with each other that no one could ever stop them expressing their feelings,.

After that very romantic kiss, Dimar looked at Sarah’s face. He touch her lips and asked her to listen. He told Sarah everything about him. He promised he will never love again until Sarah came. He said that he wants what’s best for Sarah, to be with a man who is not like him. A man who has never been married before. And he said goodbye.

Sarah was very quiet. The only words that came from her mouth were “ I love you and I want you to stay”. Dimar was very happy to hear those words from Sarah. He kissed her once more and told her that he’s the luckiest man in the world…,

We all have our own love stories.., but not all love story has happy ending. Some people might criticize this kind of love story when they happen in real life but for me, life is too short, make the most out of it. If you already found the love of your life, don’t let them leave you.. Spend each day as if it is the last day of your life.. thanks for reading .

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