...a not so ordinary love story  

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Few months of never seeing each other, Dimar still remember that girl, Sarah. Though he was a little bit disappointed with her still he, admire her for she is willing to sacrifice herself just to earn money. Then he decided to visit her one day.
He was so amazed to see Sarah. Remember the money that he gave to her? Sarah used it to start a very small business. She invests that money to sell fishballs, squid balls, barbeque and vegetables. She was able to buy medicine for her mom and daily needs of her little brothers. Still Sarah was so thankful to Dimar because he helped her alot to start again. He frequently visits her until they became good friends (not knowing that they were starting to fall in-love with each other).
Sarah told Dimar everything about her from the time her father died until the time her mother got sick. She dreamed that one day she can make their life better. And that one day she will fall in love with a man who will accept her even if she’s poor and has no degree of education. He told her his very sure that what she dreamed of, will surely come true.

But Dimar never thought of telling Sarah about his past. He was thinking that a man like him is no good for her., She’s too young to be involve on a complicated relationship that’s why even if he fell in love already with Sarah, he was afraid to tell it. Everyday he visits Sarah, asked her to go out, ( but not on a hotel anymore ) have dinner with him together with her mom and younger brothers. He even brought her mother to the hospital for her check up and buys her medicine. Her mom although was unable to speak well, thank Dimar for his kindness. But he never asks for something in return ( that’s what true love means ). To see Sarah’s smile is enough for him.

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