...a not so ordinary love story  

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dimar brought Sarah on a 1St class hotel. When they are about to enter the room, he noticed that Sarah was very quiet. To be honest, Dimar was thinking that Sarah is one those cheap girls working in the bar. But He was wrong with that..,
When He was about to undressed Sarah, He saw her crying, her hands were shaking. Dimar suddenly stop and ask her what’s wrong. Sarah told him that it is her first time doing such thing. She had no choice but to use her body just to earn money, because she did not even graduated high school and cannot apply for a good job.Dimar felt bad for what he thought about Sarah. And because He is a good man behind that failure in his marriage, He ask for Sarah’s forgiveness. He decided that they leave the hotel and drive Sarah home.
Still Dimar ask for her forgivness while he drives. He cannot believe that a pretty girl like her will do that to just earn money. But when they arrived at sarah’s house, he felt something. Sarah was living on a poor area ( a squatter area) where he can’t possibly live. He was asked by Sarah to come inside and have coffee. He saw her mother lying in the floor and sick. Her little brothers woke up and told her that they haven’t eating dinner yet., and that they were so hungry. Dimar really felt bad and gave sarah money to buy dinner for her little brothers. Now he understand why she attempt to use her body to earn money. It is for her sick mom who needs supply of medicine and little brothers.
Before he left sarah’s house, He gave her money again. He asks Sarah to never do that because she’s still too young to be a prostitute. Sarah was so thankful of Dimar’s kindness and she promised she will not attempt to do it anymore. She said He will be blessed for not taking advantage over her. He was really a good man.,

...to be continue.

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